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Knowing the Hazards After a Fire in Duluth, MN and Hiring ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet for Proper Fire Restoration Cleaning

February 25th, 2016 · No Comments

After a fire, soot and fire smoke residue will be left covering a large amount of damaged goods in your home or business. Depending on how the fire was extinguished, the structure will be covered in either fire extinguisher residue or water. If the fire was extinguished with water, cleanup action will need to be immediate because everything will be saturated in water. The excess moisture combined with the ashes of the burned organic material—a great food source—will make the site a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. Hiring a reputable, professional cleaning service to thoroughly clean the soot and fire smoke is imperative to prevent any further damage from occurring. The professionals at ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet have the expertise and equipment to repair your home or business with top quality fire restoration services.

Soot particles are microscopic, smaller even than dust particles. During a fire, smoke particles can make their way into your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, where they cool down and form a layer of soot.  Inhaling residual soot is a respiratory irritant. Properly cleaning out the ducts and vents in your home or business is best left to a professional cleaning service.

Smoke inhalation is hazardous, even after the fire has been put out. Residual smoke particles can linger in the air, so it’s important to note that you should not re-enter the structure until it has been cleared as safe. This is why it’s important not to treat smoke and soot residue as “just dirt.” Hydrogen cyanide is produced when wood burns; this chemical attacks the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and other vital organs. Other burned material such as plastics, carpets, furniture, and paint will produce hazardous byproducts that can be irritating to the eyes, lungs, and skin. It’s also important not to eat or drink any food items pulled from where the fire occurred. It’s best to throw them out for your safety.

Your safety is the most important aspect of recovering from a fire. If you need assistance after experiencing a fire on your Duluth, MN property, contact ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet at 888-393-4334 for their expertise with the fire restoration services you’ll need to restore your home or business back to its original state.


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