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Don’t Sweat Over Area Rug Cleaning in Duluth, MN This Summer

July 12th, 2018 · No Comments

Got rug cleaning on your to-do list this summer in Duluth, MN? How about the rugs above the rugs and those covering key spots on your high traffic floor areas? We’re talking area rug cleaning now, and it’s probably not a hot item on your list.


No matter how urgent the need, area rug cleaning is something most of us don’t think too much about. In most cases, a good vacuuming, or maybe a swift shake of that small bit of carpeting outdoors seems good enough to take care of things.


But as you likely know by now, even rugs are vulnerable to the same issues that create a lot of wear and tear to their bigger cousins. Even with the advantage of movement, rugs can get worn out faster if you don’t rotate them properly, and they’re still magnets for dirt and stains of all kinds.


It’s why area rug cleaning is something you shouldn’t neglect, especially if you’re a business owner who wants to make a good impression. Nothing says “I don’t care” to potential customers faster than a rug that is full of stains or rather ‘ratty’ in appearance. Let’s face it; it’s really not what you want potential clients to be focused on when first impressions matter.


ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet knows area rug cleaning is something that requires professional attention. It’s no fun wrestling with floor coverings anyway and, besides, have you tried to clean them on your own? It’s hard to know what to use to deal with certain stains and then what method shall we use to make them shine?


The pros at ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet have worked this problem a time or two and we’re ready to help. Our technicians are ready to take the guesswork out of the job and make quick work of area rug cleaning. By the way, if your needs include getting a larger section of carpeted flooring clean, we can offer an easy estimate and ensure all of your flooring surfaces are a source of pride.


Whether your needs range from area rug cleaning, residential cleaning, janitorial or commercial services for businesses; ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet is your easy, cost-effective option. Contact us 24/7, at (888) 393-4334 to discuss your job and get the clean you expect and the service you deserve.





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