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Don’t let Hardwood Make Floor Cleaning a Hard Time in Cloquet, MN

August 10th, 2018 · No Comments

With tile and hardwood floors two things are certain: you know where the stains are and when your flooring needs a good floor cleaning.


At ServiceMaster Superior Duluth Cloquet, we’re used to finding hidden stains and other surprises in most carpeted areas. Your eyes might not always see a problem, but if it’s bad enough your nose will certainly lead you to something that needs our tender care.


Then there is tile, hardwood, and even vinyl floor coverings. As you probably know, they’re pretty popular these days. They tend to wear well if you’ve got an office with rolling chairs or high traffic area that would turn most carpeting into a real dirt catcher.


But synthetic and hardwood coverings don’t mean worry-free. There is still dirt. It’s not hiding, it’s just sitting in plain sight, if you will, and it could do some serious damage to your valuable surfaces and, of course, shorten the life of the floor you’ve come to love for the way it adds character to a certain room or building area.


Our experts at ServiceMaster know you’re probably not sure where to begin and how to avoid doing more harm than good on your floor cleaning assignment. That’s why we’re ready to quickly size-up and tackle any hardwood or synthetic job.


Let us do the hard thinking on how to handle your hard floor and what might be accumulating in the many cracks between it. Bet you never thought about the tough job it really is to make sure a tile and grout floor cleaning is done well. It takes skill to quickly decide how best to get that gunk out while restoring the sort of shine that tends to disappear when floor cleaning just does’ot get done.


Whether your needs range from hardwood or tile floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial services for businesses, or something as serious as water damage restoration, ServiceMaster of Superior Duluth Cloquet is your easy, cost-effective, clean solution. Contact us 24/7 at (888)-393-4334 to discuss your job and get the clean you expect and the service you deserve.




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