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Keeping Your Place Looking Fresh Includes a Timely Wall Cleaning in Cloquet, MN

August 20th, 2018 · No Comments

If things are beginning to look a bit dingy around your place, maybe it’s time for a thorough wall cleaning in Cloquet, MN.

ServiceMaster of Superior Duluth Cloquet is confident that you know dingy and drab when you see it. Maybe your walls have taken on one too many stains, and then there’s the issue of those fingerprints that seem to magically multiply around light switches. If you’re too busy to dust, then spiders are likely to see it as an open invitation to setup shop.

If all this sounds like a bit too much work, our ServiceMaster pros are ready to leave no corner or dirt-filled crevice uncleaned. We can make your walls shine again and ensure your furniture and floor coverings are protected from any grime and potential staining that may occur.

Our trained crews know how to take the guess work out of gently, yet effectively cleaning your surfaces too. For example, they know it’s not a good idea to take the same approach when cleaning walls covered in latex or oil-based paints. It comes down to knowing how to choose the right method for the right job.

If saving your current wall coverings isn’t your goal, ServiceMaster wall cleaning is a great way to get prepped for new paint. Why waste time cleaning when you could be out choosing colors for your home and figuring out who will be handling the job of making it look great on your walls.

Don’t let dirty walls close in on you and get you down. ServiceMaster is ready to make things easy and help you safely make them look their best.

Whether your needs range from wall cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial services for businesses, or something as serious as water damage restoration; ServiceMaster of Superior Duluth Cloquet is your easy, cost-effective option with several clean solutions. Contact us 24/7, at (888) 393-4334 to discuss your job and get the clean you expect and the service you deserve.


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